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Our objective is to pay you fair prices for the best antiques, collections, & historical items.

James Allen
Sterling Mint Julep Cups

Silver, Sterling in ANY Condition

We will buy your silver. We are especially looking for local silver; since we are based in Darien, GA we buy silver from Charleston South Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida. If you have a large amount of silver to sell we can travel to you. If you are not near us we will pay for shipping

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Johnson-Jeffries Fight 1910

Old Photos, Photo Albums, & Scrapbooks

Table of Contents 1.Photography We Avidly Buy Photography We Avidly BuyWe buy vintage photos, photo albums, and scrapbooks about life in America or Americans abroad. This table will give you a quick way to determine if your photos are what we buy.Actively BuyingConditionWantWe Pay Social History: Civil Rights, Labor Movement, Women’s Sufferage, LGBT RightsAnyOne or

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About Us.

We are pickers, like the one's you see on TV. We've been picking for over 40 years and we are especially interested in American items from the South. This is why we are called Southern Pickers. Over the years we've earned a reputation for paying fair prices; we are not hunting for bargains. We buy all kinds of things that represent southern culture.

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